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The Facilities and Concept at WABE Amman

WABE Amman is a Kindergarten, Pre-School and Nursery following a German concept. The Amman branch was the first international outlet of WABE International and opened its doors in late 2018. Since then about 60 children from age two to six attend the German Kindergarten in Deir Ghbar, in the South of Amman. The concept of WABE Amman is unique in many ways. That includes the facilities, the employees, the educational concept as well as the meal plan. 

WABE Amman is one of the few Kindergarten in Amman that has excellent facilities. The main building has a large welcoming and community hall for all the children, where they also have their meals together. Furthermore, there are different rooms dedicated to specific activities such as arts, motor skills, reading or construction. There are no TVs and pretty much only high-quality toys. The outside area features a garden with real grass, a sandbox, and a wooden play area with swing and slide. The children decide and shall stick to their decision for a certain amount of time and enjoy the activities in the chosen room. Every day starts with a morning ritual before the kids play and learn during the day. Activities include, drawing, crafting, singing, dancing but also math, science, experiments, cooking, football, and languages.

Halloween at WABE Amman

The Tri-lingual Language Concept at WABE Amman

The tri-lingual language concept is truly unique at WABE. All the staff speak at least two of the three languages, Arabic, German and English. The kids are trained in all three languages and everything is very international. If your kids are German or you would like them to speak German, then WABE is the right place for you. It is the only KG in Amman that is teaching also in German. Despite that all the kids of course learn Arabic and English when they play and learn together.

Tri-Lingual Education at WABE Amman

The Food and Meal Plan

All the children have three meals together at WABE. After breakfast in the morning, they have lunch at noon and a small snack in the afternoon. The Kindergarten prepares food daily, and it is worth mentioning that WABE offers a healthy and varied meal plan. The children eat a lot of vegetables, no candy and a mix of meat, fish, vegetarian and carbs-based meals. Of course, once in a while they will enjoy a cake for someone’s birthday party. All the children eat together at the table which also supports their social behavior.

Lunch at WABE Amman

The Educational System at WABE

From an educational point of view, WABE offers a lot of different activities that support the child’s social development, language skills, motor skills, cognitive thinking and much more. Every day the children go outside which allows them to enjoy fresh air and experience different weather. Furthermore, they can play a lot and enhance their motor skills. WABE celebrates special occasions in an international way with a range of different activities. That fosters an intercultural understanding as everyone learns about Eid, Christmas, Halloween or Independence Day and alike. The kids celebrate with different costumes, have a Pajama party or simply bring their Teddy Bears one day.

The children engage in a variety of activities, so they learn to express themselves and can try out new things. They learn to be responsible, engage with other children and respect different cultures. The children learn writing and reading in different languages, they can try different forms of art, sports or get acquainted with cooking. Their is something for every child from crafting with clay, constructing with magnetic toys to playing soccer.

Staff and Parents at WABE Amman

The staff at WABE is from an equally international background as the children and their parents. Most staff speak three languages but at least two, usually Arabic and German or Arabic and English. There is dedicated staff for preparing food, cleaning, and taking care of diaper changes. Additionally, the teachers have a dedicated group of children and activities depending on their qualifications and language skills. WABE passes on feedback to parents through a book per child that is filled daily. It contains information about activities, learning, food, or things that need special attention. Apart from that you can of course always reach out to the staff. Furthermore, twice a year WABE provides the parents with a detailed report on their child and arranges a one-on-one meeting.


WABE Amman provides outstanding facilities with high quality child-friendly equipment. The staff is multi-lingual and well-educated. The educational approach, the quality of food and activities including the outdoor play area are probably unrivaled in Amman. The opening times are Sunday to Thursday from 7.15 AM to 4.30 PM and therefore very convenient for parents. Also, WABE does not have long summer holidays like most other (international) Kindergarten in Amman. That makes it attractive, especially when both parents work full-time. WABE closes only for official public holidays. Of course, the quality of the premises, the educational concept, the staff and the accessibility come at rather high costs. On a positive note though, usually employers recognize WABE as pre-school, which in certain cases allows parents to get subsidies from their employers, if that’s the case.

Happy child playing outdoors at WABE Amman

Contact Details and Online Presence

For more details, location and fees please contact WABE Amman directly

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