Get Spiritz – an App for Drinks Delivery

Prost – as promised in my article about The most useful apps in Jordan, I wanted to cover some more app reviews and the first one is for Get Spiritz.

Get Spritz
Get Spritz

Believe it or not, around 20 years ago, me and my friends had the crazy idea for “Bier Taxi”, a service where you would deliver beer to your home. That was before the smart phone and apps era… Anyway, for some reasons it didn’t happen. Luckily enough there is an app in Jordan, that does not only deliver beer but all sorts of drinks, be it Whiskey, wine or alcohol free drinks. In line with the motto “Never run dry” Get Spiritz has you covered not only in Amman but even in Dead Sea area.

Actually, as Get Spiritz is a very new application and still in its early development, you are being carried from the app to the website. That however is not bad or lowers the service. After signing up with your email address and a password you enter your phone number and other personal information required for the delivery process. Once done with that you can browse the store. You will find spirits, wine, beer, gift packages among other useful additions such as cheese platters, extra ice, water, Pepsi, Red Bull, chips & snacks or even a BBQ, charcoal and tobacco. If you have a celebration going on and there is something missing, but you cannot leave, Get Spiritz is your choice.


There is a huge selection of drinks and in the beer section you will find all local beers such as Amstel, Carakale or Petra Beer among imported beers such as Almaza, Heineken, Guinness or Leffe. Regarding wines, you will find JR Wines, Saint George Wine and other imported wines. The Spirit section seems endless. All products are presented with a picture,  have a short description and a place for reviews. Once you choose what you want, you can decide for payment options and define the address. Pinning the location did not work directly but Get Spiritz will contact you and make sure everything arrives at the correct location.


You can choose to pay cash on delivery (COD) or credit card on arrival or enter your credit card details in the app. The first time I ordered, I paid COD and the second time, I paid with my credit card at the wireless terminal which both worked fine. Get Spiritz promises you a delivery of 45 minutes (within Amman) and both times they were even faster than that, not to mention that they delivered even in worst weather. The driver asked to confirm the address via WhatsApp and called once he was at our building. He brought the drinks straight to our apartment. The best thing however is, that everything is packed in a literally branded ice box filled with ice, so you can enjoy your drinks cold and straight away. Nothing was broken, everything was correct and on time, so the delivery process is really excellent. In case you worry about the environment, you can return the Styrofoam boxes to Get Spiritz on your next delivery.


All in all, there is still some things to improve in the app, the website and the order process but the service is really great. As with many other apps I tried in Jordan, there is an enthusiastic team behind the development and the service and the strive to optimize their processes and learn from their customers. While the prices for the drinks are pretty much the same as in the liquor store, Get Spiritz offers you daily delivery from 10 AM to 12 PM, a 45 minutes delivery window, a loyalty program and cash rewards, delivery in a branded ice box and other offers such as 50% on cheese platters or lower minimum order for free delivery. So check out their Facebook and Instagram to not miss any of the offers. For your first order make sure to enter KAMAKAZI as Promo Code in order to get 10% discount. Cheers and Prost to everybody. Drink responsibly, even if you don’t have to drive! A big thanks to Get Spiritz for providing me with some free drinks!

Get Spiritz Website
Get Spiritz on Facebook
Get Spiritz on Instagram
Get Spiritz on YouTube
Get Spiritz on Play Store

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