The Pit – House of Barbecue

The Pit has been around in Jordan for some time, and has just recently relocated to a new location in Abdoun. A good reason to stop by for me at check out the new premises and the food of course. The Pit – House of Barbecue, is an American style barbecue place that offers all kind of meat dishes such as burgers, roast-beef, briskets and special items such as lamb necks, short ribs or alike for special occasions. They have a kitchen behind windows, so you can get a glimpse at your food, while it is on the fire. I always like places, where you can see what it is going on and it also is a matter of trust to allow the customer that kind of insight into to your restaurant.

The Pit – The Chefs

We started with some suggestions of our waiter, the dates in bacon and the chicken bombs. Two yummy large dates were wrapped in beef bacon and although that concept is well known to me. Of course, I will never say no, as I love the fusion of sweet and salty. My only remark on that is, why only two? The chicken bomb were chicken pieces stuffed with cheese wrapped in beef bacon as well. They were soft and tasted great. A perfect start for what was about to come.

We continued with the Meat Platter, The Burnt Ends and Smoked Eggplant. We also had the Fries with Zatar. However, my kids were so fast that I wasn’t even able to picture them but this combination was so good. The Smoked Eggplant was really interesting as it came with tahine dressing and strawberries and walnuts. Now let’s concentrate on what we mainly came for – the meat. We ordered the meat platter to get a good mix of different things. It had a selection of sausages, brisket, steak stripes and roast beef. The steak was perfectly medium and the brisket tasted great as well. The sausages were not really my thing but ok. The roast beef was great as well, could have been even more bloody for my taste. Everything had it own kind of taste as it is slowly prepared over fire and charcoal or smoked and was really yummy.

The meat was served with 3 different sauces, a chili sauce, a cream sauce and another one with oil and herbs. The latter one was really yummy. I just kept dipping the bread inside. The second meat dish were the burnt ends. This was really nice cubes of soft, tender meat in a BBQ sauce. They were served with green beans topped with a tahine and strawberry dressing, too. This might sound a bit awkward, but I really liked that taste. If you like BBQ sauce, you will love the burnt ends! We haven’t even tried the several burgers and other dishes but I am sure they are as nice as what we had.

The final was a mix of two dishes for our kids to try, Nutella dumplings and fried Oreo cookies with vanilla ice cream. Both were exactly what you expect. A sensory overkill of fried sweetness with ice cream. We were barely able to finish as we were so full already.

The concept of the half open kitchen and seating is nice. The staff was very helpful in suggesting and explaining some dishes and we enjoyed our time. Thx much to Gaith and his team for inviting is to this delicious lunch. You can also order dishes from The Pit to your door step, Sahteen!

Shisha: No
Alcohol: No
Smoking: No
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
Location: Abdoun, North of the US embassy

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Mahmoud alaa din street, Amman, Jordanien

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