Iguana – Rooftop Bar

Two weeks ago I visited Iguana Rooftop for the first time. On my mission to checkout the rooftops of Amman, Iguana cannot be missed. Located right at the top of Abdali Boulevard at the corner next to Rotana Hotel, they have an exquisite location. The terrace on about the 4th or 5th floor offers a nice view over the corner of the Boulevard and at the Rotana. It is not a spectacular view but they have a nicely designed space and a great looking bar.

It is mainly a place where people gather for drinks, but I was really positively surprised by the range and quality of the food! Their manager made sure we tried all their delicacies. We started with Nachos with Spinach Dip and a Veggie Platter and Dynamite Shrimps. The Spinach dip was really tasty and the Dynamite Shrimps were hot, as the name suggests. The Veggie Platter is above average but not extraordinary. What was about to come however, was beyond expected. The Butcher’s Choice Cut was so juicy and mouthwatering, really great. It came with Fries, salt, mustard and butter, but we ended up, just dipping it in salt and let it melt on our tongue. The other meat dish was great as well and the Jumbo Shrimp was short of nothing. It was well seasoned and accompanied with lemons to allow for your own needs.

The atmosphere at Iguana Rooftop Bar was great. During the week, it was not too busy but there were a few tables occupied. A DJ was spinning some tunes and although I am not a huge fan of electronic music, as mentioned before, it suited the place, the audience and the atmosphere. It was not too loud either, so that you can actually have a discussion with your friends. All in all, I must say, food was excellent and beyond my expectations, although I don’t think most people come for the food. Iguana targets more a high class audience that is well dressed and enjoys whiskey or cocktails while sitting in a classic, modern ambiance.

Personally, I prefer more cozy places, but that is an individual choice. Staff was friendly, paying attention and the drinks available should fulfill all dreams you might have. Prices are also at the upper end, but expected at a location like this. After all, it is a great option for a summer evening in the heart of the city while enjoying great food and drinks.

Iguana Rooftop - Bar
Iguana Rooftop – Bar

I would like to thank the management and staff of Iguana Rooftop Bar for the great evening.

Shisha: No
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor Rooftop
Location: Abdali Boulevard at the corner next to Rotana Hotel

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1 Western Square, Black Iris Street, The Boulevard، Amman, Jordanien

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  1. Worst customer service , I called to make a booking and he told me he will call me back and blocked my number. The person making the reservation on the phone will destroy this business .

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