Eostrix – Jordan’s best chef?

Recently, I visited Eostrix with my wife and as the title suggest, it was a very pleasant experience. Eostrix is a Gastro-Pub, although I consider it more of a restaurant. They are located near 2nd circle and the menu offers a pretty huge range of different international dishes, that were all very tasty. We sat outside on the terrace, which was really nice except that the view is not very special. However, the style and design of Eostrix and its interior is simple, modern but warm. Apart from the terrace, you have the possibility to sit at the cooking counter and enjoy live cooking (probably reservation needed) as well as several places inside, including the bar.

Without further due let’s dive into the food. Although, we were not extremely hungry and we actually decided to share a main dish in order to try some of the appetizers, we were “forced” by our waiter to try all the delicious food, got a surprise starter and got two main dishes and were not sent home before trying their marvelous desserts. We ordered the Beef Carpaccio and the Shrimp Aioli, but first we were presented with the Parmesan Nachos. These came with large red grapes and walnuts and of course Parmesan cheese. It was anything but boring, unique and great to see where the evening was heading – well cooked and presented food away from the usual menu. As starters we took the Carpaccio and the Shrimps. The Carpaccio was served with salad and cheese. It is a great choice if you are looking for a light starter. The Shrimp Aioli were just amazing, hot sizzling Shrimps drowned in garlic and oil, flavored with salt, pepper and chili. This was as perfect as you can make that dish. Did I mentioned the Ciabatta bread that came with an Olive Dip?

Second round was even going to top this. As mentioned before, we were not taken serious with our decision to just have one main course, so we were offered the Duck as well as the Veal Stripes. The Duck came with green asparagus and pears cooked in red wine. This combination of meat, veggies and fruit cooked to perfection, was mouthwatering. The Veal Stripes were really tender and accompanied by potato ships, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, another sensational main dish.

As if this was not enough, we could not refuse the offer to try their Tiramisu and Ice cream with candied fruits. The Tiramisu was fluffy and yummy, but here I was missing a bit the coffee flavor, and I am sure it was not made with coffee liquor. The ice cream was good and the crunchy sweet fruits just made it a really tasty dessert.

We were asked about our opinion on the place and the food, and if there is anything that I would change, and i was struggling to find something negative. From my point of view Eostrix is an excellent dining spot, with exceptional, delicious food and welcoming staff. The menu offers both quantity and quality, which usually doesn’t go that well, but due to their excellent chef, you probably will go more than once. He actually took his time, to greet the guests and ask them if they were satisfied and I think I can claim that this was the best food I had in Jordan so far, hence the headline. I will return for sure.

Alif Shukran to Eostrix for this superb dining experience!

Shisha: No
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor Terrace
Location: near 2nd circle

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Abu Salma Al-Khelal St., Amman, Jordanien

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    1. Pretty much none of my restaurant reviews mention prices as it might be outdated or inaccurate at some point. Also most of them are sponsored partnerships, not ads. I indicated that at the end of my posts by thanking for the invitation. You will see that I do not mention with any other restaurant that I claim this is the best chef so this is my genuine opinion.

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