Hiking Wadi Al-Hasa

Wadi Al-Hasa (وادي الحسا) or sometimes referred to as Wadi Al-Hessa, is one of the most Southern Wadis accessible from the Dead Sea. There are plenty of Wadis, such as Wadi Mujib, Wadi Numeira, Wadi Kerak, and Wadi Assal. It is a 2h drive from Amman and can be easily done in a day trip. The full Valley is actually about 24 km long and would probably require a 2-day hike. But you can go in as far as you want, and return. The starting point is next to a small village off the Dead Sea Highway next to a water treatment facility. Since the gates were closed we actually parked right next to the football field of the Youth Center of the town. From there, your walk starts.

Shortly after this, you embark on one of Jordan’s most beautiful hikes. The water level was very high although it was August when we went. At some point, it reaches your knees or even waist. Anyway, you will definitely get wet and need to be prepared for this. The further you go, the narrower the walls of rocks around you and the more water flowing. Also, trash will decrease the deeper you go inside. We started early morning, so on the way in, we were the only people, except one local with sheep and goats. On the way back, we came across very few hikers in small groups and one larger group, but mainly you will be on your own.

Further on, the rock formations a really cool. You constantly walk against the stream of water but it is refreshing. With the walls getting higher around you, there is also more shadow. Sometimes however the area is a bit more open, so make sure to take sun protection and plenty of water. Also, you should have good shoes as the rocks are slippery and you have to be careful.

Sometimes you need to climb a bit, nothing serious, but do it slowly and take care. It is also a good idea to take some water protective packaging for your belongings. Wadi Al-Hasa is really beautiful. The colors, the shapes, and the constant flow of water around you make this valley really fun. The remoteness makes it a true experience of Jordan’s nature.

We walked for about 2.5 to 3 hours, had a break, and then returned the same way. The way back took a little bit less, as you go with the current then. All in all, it is well worth the trip and really a great adventure, where you are on your own. You can do this self-guided but it is always a good idea, to consider precautions such as taking enough water, taking a first aid kit, tell people where you are going, and only go in groups. Keep in mind, you probably will not have phone coverage inside the valley. Protect yourself and your belongings from heat and water. You can consider visiting Wadi Al-Hasa on your way to Aqaba as well.

See here some pictures from our hike in June 2020

See my video here about the trip here

Starting point: https://goo.gl/maps/ReC2aTUsSA5dAfc47
GPS coordinates: 31°01’02.2″N 35°29’17.6″E
Duration: 5-6 hours or as far as you want, up to 24 km (1.5-2 days)
From Amman: 2 hours
Accessibility: easy to get from the Dead Sea Highway, later only walking
Difficulty: moderate, slippery stones, some climbing, hot weather. Not suitable for children under 6 years, I would assume.

Wadi al Hasa, Jordanien

5 Replies to “Hiking Wadi Al-Hasa”

    1. Hi Sunil, this is just a report of a hike we did some weeks ago. You can do it self-guided. I am not a hiking agency. But if we will go with some people, I will let maybe post on my FB page.

  1. We did this hike in September 2023, and it was absolutely stunning. Unfortunately when we returned to our car (which we had parked next to the football field), the window and door of the car had been smashed. A very unfortunate end to an otherwise beautiful day. I don’t want to put anyone off, but also don’t want anyone else to experience the same. Maybe better to go with an organised group, or to get a driver to drop you off and stay with the car.

    1. Hey Karolina, glad you enjoyed the hike and shocked to hear about your car windows been smashed. Maybe next to that water station or the Safi kitchen might be a more safer alternative to park. I discovered those after I wrote this article and the Safi kitchen is also a bit further away.

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