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Welcome to U Roof Lounge

It took me some time to discover this gem, hidden in the (non-existent) clouds of Amman. Actually, I knew it is out there, but somehow never made it up there. Maybe, because I am a family man. It is not always easy for us to go out as a couple, but this time we were fortunate enough to enjoy the evening, just the two of us. Located on top of the Regency Palace Hotel on Queen Alia Street, U Roof is literally on the roof of that building. You press 21 in the elevator and are being transported into another world.

Sunset from U Roof Lounge

The Best View of Amman

There is probably no other place with a comparable view in Amman. Make sure to come before sunset to make the most out of it. The place is quiet spacious, offers seating at the bar, high chairs and sofas as well as an elevated sitting area. There is a long 1.5 m wide pool along the West edge of U Roof, from where you can enjoy the sun setting down over the city. During days or weekends you can cool down your feet there and wait for the night to come.

Although, U Roof looks more like a bar, lounge and therefore a place to get drinks, I was positively surprised by the quality food they provide. We ordered Fish&Chips, Mac&Cheese Balls, Dynamite Shrimps and Small Sliders. I was somehow lucky that there was a photo shooting for the food menu, so most items were out there and I was able to capture some great pictures on my own. But we didn’t eat all of it. Although I never actually ate Mac&Cheese as it is more of an American thing I believe, it was really yummy. Crunchy from outside and tasty, soft from the inside.

The Fish&Chips was nice, but not exceptional, although the truffle sauce that came with it was really delicious and the sides as well. Really tasty however, were the Dynamite Shrimps which were really spicy and crispy and also a good amount. The sliders were fresh, had a great charcoal grilled meaty taste and we really enjoyed them. As drinks I ordered a JR Rose and my wife asked for a summer cocktail that is similar to something we know but wasn’t available, so the barkeeper did an excellent job of coming up with something.

At U Roof you will feel comfortable and welcome. The high chairs were a bit tight for me, but the sofas also looked inviting. The food was excellent, served hot and well presented, with short waiting times. I can’t highlight enough the Sliders and Dynamite Shrimps, Yumm! The open area, with different seating, pool, fire, atmospheric lighting, the huge bar and the stunning view are unparalleled in Amman. Service was friendly and everything was great. It gets a bit windy up there but they do have gas heaters and also provide blankets in case it gets colder. Either way U Roof is only open during the summer season, so make sure to visit before the winter comes. They also have plenty of events with DJs, live music and so on.

Cheers much to the U Roof management and team for this great evening.

Shisha: No
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Location: Queen Alia Street on top of the Regency Palace Hotel

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Q. Aliaa St., Amman, Jordan

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