Centro Brasserie

Centro Brasserie is a restaurant located near 4th circle that provides both inside and outside seating and is run by a Lebanese. Last week they celebrated their 15th anniversary with a special BBQ event, so I was glad I attended. Celebration included an awesome outdoor Grill event that brought over the BBQ Bros from Lebanon using meat from The Meat Master. All kinds of different meats and cuts were grilled over charcoal by the professional team and aside also a whole lamb was slowly smoked during the day.

We ordered a Meatplatter for 2 and some chicken wings and fries for the kids. The different choices of meat included chicken drumsticks, sausages, short ribs, musakhn rolls and also corn, mushrooms and a bean salad. The meat was grilled to perfection as expected. Of course we drank some Almaza, Lebanese beer, which is really tasty. While enjoying our lunch a DJ was playing some electronic tunes, luckily in a volume that still allows having a conversation. The house was full and customers seemed to enjoy their time.

I was especially happy since they took good care about our kids as well. There were paper and pencils for painting, balloons, kids meals, juice and later ice cream, so all the family was happy. Sitting outside in the nice garden of Centro Brasserie was adding to the relaxed summer vibe. It was a really relaxed weekend event. I am sure I will come back to try out their regular menu.

I would like to thank Johnny for the great afternoon and congratulate Centro Brasserie on their 15th anniversary!

Shisha: No
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor & Outdoor
Location: near 4th circle

For more info see their
Facebook Page

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