hangar1 – Ready for Take off?

Please fasten your seatbelt, put up your tray table up and seat rest in upright position. It took me a while to retrieve the flight recorder, but here is the review. hangar1 is an all aviation themed restaurant in Abdali. You can find hangar1 in The Valley of Campbell Gray Living Amman. At hangar1 the name, interior, food and staff outfits are all derived from the aviation area that featured heavy propeller airplanes. You will find a clock that sits in an airplane door, chairs using solid leather and heavy steel plates hold together with rivets surrounded by smooth concrete walls. The highlight however are the artistic paintings on the wall that showcase children playing with paper planes combined with real aviation items. These Graffitis were painted by an artist who was flown over to Amman to bring his drafts to the walls himself. Going up a spiral staircase you will find a bar and leather booths for eating. These might be your business class seats as they are a bit more comfortable than the tight chairs down in economy class.

Ready for take off? – Mainly hangar1 offers Burger and Steaks, so that’s what we went for as the menu only offers a few items. After ascending we started with a salad and the bread accompanied by Olives and butter. The salad was fresh and the vinaigrette dressing was poured over the salad right at the table. The brioche bread is really yummy as well, but I would consider it more a breakfast item and it is the only thing that did not really fit the concept, in my opinion. So let’s get back too what we came for; the meat. We are now at maximum altitude. The B52 bomber burger comes in a black bun and served with fries and is just amazing. It was grilled to perfection and really juicy. That’s how a burger should be, nothing more to be said. The Lockheed tenderloin steak came on a nice sauce and was also grilled exactly the way I wanted. The fries were crunchy, so there is really nothing to complain. Just before descending to our final destination, we finished off with a chocolate brownie with ice cream and some vanilla ice cream with white chocolate. The dessert were OK, but not extraordinary, but I also didn’t expect that for a Burger and Steak place. Cabin crew prepare for landing.

Rest assured, there is no need to sit close to the emergency exit, for life vests or an ejection seat, as hangar1 has you all covered and nothing can happen. They will ensure you have an excellent food journey above clouds. Flight attendants were attentive, welcoming and took care of us during the whole flight. Unfortunately flying First Class also has its price, but you won’t regret it. If you intend to book a ticket, make sure to opt for the B52 Burger meal option. And if you crave a beer or cocktail, just mention it to the crew. Have a safe onward journey. Thank you for flying with hangar1.

hangar1 – Kids on Paperplane

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the Campbell Gray Living Amman Team for inviting us to this delicious lunch.

Shisha: No
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: No
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor & Outdoor
Location: Abdali, at The Valley of Campbell Gray Living Amman

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Al Istithmar Street, Abdali Project, Opposite Abdali Mall Gate #1،, عمّان، Jordanien

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