Bun Meats Dough

Place and Location

Bun Meats Dough is Fast Food Restaurant that offers tasty burgers and sweets alike. Located in Abdoun, they serve a range of meat and chicken burgers as well as fries, coleslaw salads, drinks and dessert. It is a pretty small place and you can sit outside at the counter, in an open courtyard shared by Bun Meats Dough and Fishface or order take away through Talabat. Honestly, it is not the most cozy place, but hey it’s fast food.

Food at Bun Meats Dough

The burgers are offered as 100 or 200 gm sizes and can of course be ordered as a meal, with crinkle fries and soft drinks. We went for the Old School burger, the Swiss Mushroom Burger, the Loaded Crinkles and the Korean style chicken breast nuggets. The burger buns were a bit too soft for my taste but the meat was good. It has a lot of fat but I liked it that way, it makes the burger really juicy. It is a couple of thinner slices rather than one big meat patty. The overall taste of the burger was nice.

The crinkle fries are also cool. However, for the loaded crinkles I suggest that the sauces should be served separately as the fries loose their crunchiness otherwise. The sauce itself and the green onions and jalapenos were a yummy addition. The caramel mustard however is not for me. The chicken nuggets were nice but not super exceptional. I expected something more spicy to be honest, but since we had them for the kids it was fine.

Dessert at Bun Meats Dough

For dessert we were offered a giant brownie cookie and Oreo crusted Nutella holes. One burger and fries was enough for me. I find it also a rather unique combination of burger and sweets but the kids loved it. Of course, I had a bit of the brownie, which was just right. The Oreo Nutella bites were yummy as well. Nothing much you can do wrong with cookies and chocolate, so they were a welcoming final for our visit and approved by Amman’s youngest food blogger as well.

I really recommend the Old school burger. Next time I also should try the Sweet Mess, I overlooked that unfortunately. Thanks to Bun Meats Dough Team for this lovely Lunch.

Shisha: No
Alcohol: No
Smoking: Yes, outside
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Location: Abdoun
Delivery: Available through Talabat.

For more info see their
Facebook Page

Ahmad Al-Arousi St., Amman, Jordan

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