FishFace – Adventurous Sushi in Amman

Fishface is a small Sushi Fusion Restaurant in Abdoun, Amman. It is certainly not the typical Sushi place, but also not trying to imitate that. So, it is totally cool. The place itself is very small and most people pick up or order for delivery. However, we visited with some friends to get a first-hand experience. I was a bit skeptical at first, but there is no reason to be. It just doesn’t look like typical sushi but in terms of flavors, there is all the kind of variations that you might know or not know, yet. Apart from the counter, there is a small section to sit and also an outdoor area that has heating mushrooms. The food menu basically offers two main kinds of dishes. All kinds of Sushi burrito, where the sushi ingredients are rolled in seaweed and some sushi buckets, where you find rice and other additions in a small bucket. You will find familiar names as California roll or Crunchy Salmon and some maybe not so common dishes. We mainly went for the Sushi burrito and also some dynamite shrimps and also salmon temaki. I really enjoyed all the dishes. It was freshly prepared, tasty, well mixed, and had a nice twist to it. Fish was great and everything came with soy sauce and wasabi, so you can season to your own needs as well. The only thing I did not like, was the amount of plastic and waste we created, especially since we ate at fishface and did not have to take away. I think waste can be reduced in these cases. All in all, food was refreshingly nice and interesting  I can recommend it especially if you order takeaway. The staff was great, helpful, explained the menu, and the order was done to our needs. Thanks much to the FishFace team for having me and my friends over for an alternative way of eating sushi.
Shisha: No Alcohol: No Smoking: not sure Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor Location: Abdoun Delivery: Available through Talabat.
For more info see their Facebook Page Instagram
Zahran, Amman, Jordanien

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