Bibim Restaurant – Korean Food in Amman

Bibim is a Korean Restaurant in Amman that only recently opened its doors. Located on Rainbow Street it has an excellent location with stunning views over Amman. From Abdali over the Citadel and Downtown you can let your eyes gaze over the city.

View over Amman from Bibim Restaurant
View over Amman from Bibim Restaurant

The interior however is not less exciting. I like the simple, modern and colorful design. There are plenty of different sized tables, some shelves as room dividers and all kinds of different shaped chairs. In the entrance you will find different decor items for sale. Also it is not too cramped so it doesn’t feel packed. Kuy, a Korean who has lived in Jordan for many years runs the restaurant with his family. He is a very polite enthusiastic young man, who took some time to tell us about the different dishes and his story.

So let’s talk about the food! First of all we were welcomed by Kyu’s mom with a cinnamon-ginger iced tea. This was very interesting as you first experience the cinnamon while later the more spicy taste of ginger will come through. Bibim offers a small selection of true Korean dishes. We started with Gang Jang Chicken, Chicken Wings with Sweet Chili and garlic sauce, Haemul Pajeon, pancake with green onions and seafood, served with soy sauce. This was both yummy and different to anything else I have tried before. The Korean cuisine seems to be somehow using less spices as for example in the South-East Asian countries. But also they have some spicy dishes but the sauces come aside, so you can adjust according to your taste. This was great for the Bibim dish, which is a mix of rice, minced beef and several vegetables cooked in a stone bowl, topped with an egg sunny side up. It arrives hot and is served with a red pepper sauce. This is the restaurants signature dish and a typical traditional dish. I liked the combination of ingredients and that you can spice it up in your own way. We also had a bowl of Ramen Noodles, which are basically instant noodles cooked in a really spicy soup. I enjoyed it a lot and it really hits you. Next to us was a Korean student visiting and since he missed Korean food, he also went for the Ramen Noodles. He confirmed that they were very good and tasted originally Korean!

We finished off with Ddukbbokki, a sweet and spicy rice cake which is made out of beat up rice brought into the shape of long noodle sticks. It is really stuffing and tastes good although the flavor reminded me a little bit of the chicken wings that also came with a sweet chili sauce. So if there is anything I would suggest or recommend, it would be a more diverse menu. However, Bibim is just a few days around, so I assume they will add some more dishes to the menu. They are open during normal hours for Ramadan.

All in all this was a welcoming deviation as Bibim has a great view, nice interior, great food and is one of the few smoke free establishments in Amman. Sure worth trying out. I would like to thank Kyu and his family for having us!

Shisha: No
Alcohol: No
Smoking: No
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor, but with sliding glass doors that can be opened in Summer, so it is like sitting outside
Location: on Rainbow Street in the same building as Donut Factory next to the empty square opposite of the tourism police.
Delivery: Available through Talabat.

For more info see their
Facebook Page

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