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There are plenty of Sushi places in Amman, so how to decide where to go? It seems the choices are endlessly. I have tried a few places, however have not been to all of them by far. While there are plenty of locations, offers, reviews and recommendations, I would like to share with you my experience about the Sushi Den. Originally started as a Sushi delivery service six years back, you can find the Sushi Den located near the crossing of Wadi Saqra, Arar Street since two years now. While I usually try to avoid this region for traffic reasons, I must say, I just got an excuse now to pass by more frequent. And if you can’t make visit to the restaurant, there is still the delivery option.


About two weeks ago I visited the Sushi Den for the first time and it was a welcoming and pleasant experience from start to finish. In the beautiful afternoon weather we sat outside in the shadow and enjoyed the quiet, modern seating area, with nice but simple decoration. The menu is huge, so I think every Sushi fan or those about to become, will find something. From simple plain fish cuts, to classic Sushi to Special Shushi items created by the Sushi Den, you will be positively surprised. Even the little ones won’t miss out.

Best Sushi place in Amman?

We started with a Miso Soup, the Butterlfy Shrimp for the kids, the Sash salad the Maguro Tatake and the Salamon Usuzukuri. I think there is not much you can make wrong with a Miso Soup, but it was nice. The Butterfly Shrimp are large fried shrimps that come with fries. Fries always work for kids and they also loved the shrimps, and honestly the parents did, too. The Sash salad has a bit of everything, including tuna, salmon, avocado, crab, crunchy mayo, tempura flakes and nori. It was a perfect start. The fresh thinly sliced tuna and salmon pieces marinated with green onions, Japanese spices and served with soya sauce, however, were the highlight of the starters.

Although nearly full, we were just about to experience all the great variations of Sushi that was offered. We trusted Samia’s suggestions and were not disappointed at all. The first surprise was the Samo Special, maybe nothing for the classic Sushi fan. But it is certainly an interesting approach as it is a deep fried version of a Salmon roll with green onions and unagi that is topped with a special sauce.

After that we tried the platter of mixed Sushi, a small boat that contains Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi Cubes plus Salmon and Tuna Nigiri. All the fish tasted fresh and great and all Sushi variations had something special to offer, be it for freshness, crunchiness or spiciness. It seems there are endless possibilities within the limited ingredients. From the huge mixed platter I enjoyed the Bad Boy and Crazy red Dragon, who wouldn’t? The names are already cool enough.

Of course, the chef and his team prepare everything fresh. Actually, you can look into the kitchen, which I love as it shows trust and confidence. Most sushi came with soy sauce and wasabi on the side, so you can spice up as you wish. As if this wasn’t enough, we finished off with a fruity mix of ice cream flavors covered in a rice jacket that came in Mango, Lemon, Peach and Strawberry I believe.

Final thoughts on the Sushi Den Amman

I have to be honest that we did not finish everything on our own. But since I cannot waste food, we took something home. Hence, lunch for the next day was already taken care of. The Sushi Den has a relaxed atmosphere, attentive and welcoming staff, and one the most friendly restaurant owners I ever met. To conclude this is one of the best Sushi spots Amman has to offer.

And if you can’t make it in person, then try their delivery, which ensures cooled fresh sushi served to your doorstep at an affordable price! Both restaurant and delivery is 12:30 pm to 11 pm daily except Friday from 3 pm to 11 pm. Also, make sure to check out their Tasty Tuesday. They have great offers and enjoy a smoke free environment at their restaurant. I really recommend the butterfly Shrimps, not just for kids, the Samo Special, and the Bad Boy and Red Dragon Rolls. Sahteen! I’ll be back!

Fist Bump – Everyone is happy

I would like to thank Samia for this great dinner and congratulate her on this excellent restaurant and the awesome food. And the passion fruit juice was awesome, too. Make sure to check out that awesome Sushi Place in Amman.
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Shisha: No
Alcohol: No
Smoking: No
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor & Outdoor
Location: near Wadi Saqra, Arar Street
Call for delivery: 0799441099

For more info see their
Facebook Page

Arar St, Amman, Jordan

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