The Pitmaster – Smokehouse in Amman

The Pitmaster is a new smokehouse in Swefiah Village, Amman. Let me first say a few words about Swefiah Village, in case you do know it, yet. It is a new mall/place for Jordanian vendors. Despite that it is not fully occupied by stores, yet, there is a variety of local fashion stores and Jordanian eateries. Despite, that I am not a fan of the location and valet parking and all this, I am glad to see a place without a food court that does not have the golden M, the green coffee chain or alike. Also, the design is open, so it looks inviting, and so far, no metal detectors and security checks.
The Pitmaster – Logo

What is the Pitmaster

Now back to The Pitmaster. You might wonder, what is local about it since it is pretty much American food at its best. Well, the owner and chefs are Jordanian. And, they put all their experience, knowledge, and love for Texas and smoked BBQ into this place. I am not a pro in this field, but I got a private tour into the “kitchen” if it can be called that. Be assured that the meat is premium quality mainly from Australia or the US. The wood is USDA certified hickory or oak from South Carolina, which is used to fire the awesome smokers pictured below. Then there is a special oven that keeps the food warm and juicy until it arrives at your plate.

About the food

So, how does it taste? Right from the beginning, we entered food heaven. The salad was simple, yet very tasty, marinated with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and some pecan nuts and dried apricot to add something special. Not too much, not too little, just right. We ordered Brisket and Short Ribs as mains and both were just amazing. Food was so juicy, warm and all the flavors from the smokers were packed inside the yummy meat. The mouthwatering experience presented in an authentic American way. The meat was accompanied either by coleslaw and green beans marinated with chili or chili con carne. Along came toast, pickles, and onions. The BBQ sauce is homemade according to The Pitmaster and it was really nice and very different from the typical artificial BBQ sauces that are usually too sweet.

Conclusion and further information about the Pitmaster

Apart from the food, The Pitmaster has a cozy, inviting interior and a patio that is covered during Winter. The place is very relaxed, doesn’t have TVs (thx) and also serves alcohol, so you can enjoy a beer or wine with your food. I can really recommend the Shortribs and next time I will definitively try out the brisket burgers. A big thanks go out to the crew of The Pitmaster for having us and providing this delicious food.
Shisha: No Alcohol: Yes Smoking: Yes Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor Location: Swefiah Village
For more info see their Facebook Page Instagram
الصويفية،، Amman, Jordan

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