Thai Smile Cuisine – Swefiah Amman

Before we went to the Escape Room in Swefiah, we paid a visit to a recently opened Thai Food Restaurant in Amman. It is a rather small place run by a Thai family that has been working in the hospitality industry. The menu offers classical Thai dishes as Currys, Soups, Rice and Noodle dishes. It might not be the most fancy place, but has a authentic touch to it.

Exploring Thai Food in Amman

We went with a couple of friends and were happy to get some suggestions from the restaurant owner as well as Green Coconut Curry which I am in love with. We had some soup, fried chicken, battered shrimp with sweet and chili sauce, chicken with cashew nuts as well as the green coconut curry and lots of rice. You have the choice of eating with normal cutlery or chopsticks. The food took some time but it is prepared fresh.

The battered shrimp and soup were nice but I am not too much a fan of sweet and chili sauce. My highlights were for sure the chicken with cashew and the green Thai curry. The mix of the typical Thai flavors of spiciness, lemon grass, curry is just great. We also had a red curry of which I don’t have a picture unfortunately. Food was served hot and portions are appropriate as you usually have to order your preferred version of rice (normal or sticky) extra. For drinks you can order all kinds of teas, juices or soft drinks.

The owner Cherry, and staff were extremely welcoming and friendly and take their time to explain the menu and suggest some dishes. The fried chicken could have been better I think, but other dishes were good. Prices are upper mid range for a location like this but it is good authentic food. They also offer delivery, so give it a try!

Alif Shukran to Cherry for the invitation to his lovely dinner!

Shisha: No
Alcohol: No
Smoking: No
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Location: Swefiah
Call for delivery: 079 070 3158

For more info see their
Facebook Page

Al Yanabee 7, Amman, Jordanien

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