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Vega Fitness Club is a group of gyms in Amman, Jordan. I frequently visited their main branch at Mecca Street and would like to talk about my experience.  They have other branches in Khalda (men and women), Rabiah (for women), and recently relaunched their Swefiah branch for ladies only. They also have a Martial Arts center (MMA) right across from the Mecca Street branch. The facilities are separated for males and females, so I obviously can only talk about the men section.

The Facilities at Vega Fitness Club – Mecca Street Branch

First of all, the gym has a huge entrance hall, everything is quite spacious. There is a small cafe, where you can buy drinks, healthy snacks and protein food etc. On-site you will also find a hairdresser and a dry cleaner. Special rates are offered for members. And if you need someone to watch your kids while you are working out, that is also possible at Mecca Street and Khalda and already included in the fees. Below the building, you will find a free parking garage with two levels. Inside you have the facilities situated on 3 levels. On the ground floor, you will find the pool with an outdoor terrace, a Jacuzzi, a Turkish steam bath, a wooden sauna, changing rooms and lockers, and bathrooms. On the 1st level you find all the weights, machines for beginners and pros and on the 2nd level you will find the cardio machines and some more equipment such as gymnastic balls, ropes, a few weights, and two Kinesis stations.
Living in Jordan as Expat - Vega Fitness Club - Pool
Vega Fitness Club – Pool

Equipment and Cleanliness

I would like to highlight that everything is very clean and maintained. Cleaning personal is working around the clock both in the changing and bathroom areas as well as in the fitness area. Equipment is mainly from Technogym and is working well. Very few items might need some minor attention, but there are no dangerous issues. They also used to have a mini dryer for your swim shorts but that is gone, unfortunately. If there is something that really can be improved it is the lockers, as a few are not working properly. Other than that, I saw that a broken handle of the pool got repaired and the mats around the swimming pool got updated and also the showers next to the pool are better now. Hence, small improvements and maintenance are done on the go.

Staff and courses at Vega Fitness Club Amman

The staff is friendly and helpful. You will always find plenty of staff that you can approach and even if you don’t ask, they will walk around and look and assist people, in case they might do something wrong. In the beginning you can make a body test, where your weight and body fat will be measured, and you can discuss your personal goals with the team. Depending on these, you will be presented with an exercise plan. The gym also offers classes such as spinning, aqua fitness, body pumping, and much more. These obviously depend on your personal time schedule. They are usually offered in the early morning and after work time, so you can fit them around your work schedule. From time to time they host events, also open to non-members. Opening times are quite generous and range from 5.30 am to 11 pm from Saturday to Thursday and 10 am to 11 pm on Fridays.

Pricing, Offers and other locations of Vega Fitness Club Amman

Regarding the costs, it is priced upper mid-range, but Vega Fitness often has offers. That’s why it makes sense to consult them and have a look for discounts or referral offers or offers during Ramadan, etc. Recently, they renovated and upgraded facilities at their Rabieh and Swefiah branches (ladies only). Check out the videos and make sure to consult their website and social media for updates. And, if you have kids, you might wanna check out Vega Kids, where they offer classes from kickboxing over swimming to climbing for kids aged 3 to 15 years. Make sure to contact Vega Kids before. For information on life in Amman see my article on The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Jordan.
Locations: Mecca Street, Khalda, Rabiah, Swefiah
For more info see their: Facebook Page Instagram YouTube
Mecca Street, عمّان، Jordan

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