Amman from Above – with Golden Eagle Aviation Academy

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This is, by far, the most unique experience I had in Amman. I decided to take a helicopter sightseeing tour of Amman with Golden Eagle Aviation Academy (GEAA). Initially being an aviation academy in the Middle East, the GEAA offers a wide portfolio of services, ranging from Air Taxi to Aerial Photography and Sightseeing Tours of Amman and other attractions in Jordan, such as Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash or Ajloun. The GEAA has small, modern choppers that carry up to 3 passengers apart from the pilot and they can fly around 200 km per hour which enables them to transport you to Wadi Rum in just 95 minutes for example.

Last Friday I enjoyed a short ride that gives you a wonderful bird’s eye perspective of Amman. It is essentially about 12 minutes but it covers most of the Western part of Amman. Leaving between City and Mecca Mall, you fly towards the King Hussein Mosque, then 8th circle and go along Zahran street passing the Jordan Gate towers and continuing your way towards the 3rd circle. You then turn towards Abdali, Sports City, Gardens, Khalda until arriving back to the helipad. Amman is not the most beautiful city in the world I have to admit but it was great seeing the place where I have been living for the past three years, from above. It gives you totally different view and it is really cool, how much you can see in that short time, as the helicopter is quite fast.

It was the second time for me sitting in a helicopter and yes, it is really different from a plane as it just gets up in the air and is a bit shakier. The pilot, however, was very professional and navigated with ease over the city. All the pilots are apparently former Royal Jordanian Air-force pilots and well trained. The flight was over very quickly and I would have loved to be able to enjoy a longer flight, maybe another time. It is surely an adventure priced at the upper end but it is also very special. If you are interested in taking a short or long flight or consider taking aviation classes with GEAA, make sure to check out their website, and social media sites.

The team was very professional and I always felt safe. I would love to thank GEAA for letting me join such a unique experience.

Amman - Jordan Gate Towers from Helicopter
Amman – Jordan Gate Towers from Helicopter

Golden Eagle Aviation Academy: on Abdallah Ghosha Street,

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Abdallah Ghosheh St., Amman, Jordanien

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