Qasr Al-Mushatta, Qasr Al-Dab’ah & Um ar-Rasas

Qasr Al-Dab'ah - Outside Front

In the colder season there are still many places you can visit in Jordan. Especially, those that are situated in wide open places without shadow are more suitable for a visit in Winter. Previously, we visited already the Desert Castles, Karak Castle, Azraq Castle or Ajloun Castle in the North. Recently, we made our way …

Wadi Rum

Two Camels in front of rock formation in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Coming to Wadi Rum If you have read Petra – with Grandma and Kids, then you might want to know how we continued our trip to Wadi Rum. We came from Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp in Little Petra Friday afternoon. We drove along the nice scenic road through some small villages and the King's Highway …

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