Black Iris Bar – 270 degree rooftop view over Amman

The Black Iris is considered to be the national flower of Jordan. It has beautiful black and purple colors and is very rare and has a strong ability to survive in harsh environment.

Established in 2018, located at the top of the Crown Plaza Hotel in Amman, near 6th circle, is a bar that adopted the name of this flower – Black Iris. Luckily, the characteristics of the flower seem to apply to the bar as well. It is a beautiful, unique place, rare to find in Amman and let’s hope it has the persistence to survive, so we can enjoy it for many occasions to come.

Although located at the top of a hotel, it does not remind you of a typical hotel bar. It has a fresh, look with a combination of classic and modern furniture, kept in a comfy grey and white with warm light. Instead of the usual TV screens you will find a really awesome view of the streets of Amman, as it is the highest building near 6th circle, apart from the never ever finished twin towers. In Summer time you can enjoy the terrace but even from inside your eyes can gaze around while you sit at the bar, in the corner on a couch, on high stools or at normal tables for snacks and drinks.

The selection of food is based on a fusion concept of classic Jordanian dishes presented in a never before seen way. You might want to check out the Shrimp Kunafeh, Freekeh and Figs Salad, Hallumni Ma3moul or Pizza Galayeh. The menu also features a wide selection of beers, whiskeys, vodkas, wine, and special cocktails.

Last weekend, I attended an event from Substance featuring two DJs, Big-M and EXODA. I have to admit, I am not very much into electronic music but I enjoyed it. For me it was somewhere between chill, trance and later some Arabic hits and Hip-Hop were played as well. From the moment we arrived the dance floor was filled for most of the time. As I am not really a clubber, I am still sometimes surprised to find these places in Amman and I am happy to see people enjoying their time.

For snacks, we ordered the Shrimp Kunafeh, which is Shrimps fried in these little Kunafeh noodle stripes. We also had the mini sliders with mustard sauce and the grilled Halloumi cheese which were served with a pomegranate dressing –  all really yummy. I tried the Petra Weizen there on my first visit and really enjoyed it. This time I ordered a “Wadi Rum”, which was rum with cucumber and Thyme, which is very unique and probably not everybody’s taste. But the food was excellent and not many places can compete with Black Iris in that regard.

Since the bar is still new, it is clean and you won’t find anything worn out or unpleasant. Staff is extremely welcoming, polite and paying attention. It is a great spot for expats as for locals. Beside the daily Happy Hour from 5-9, you can enjoy special events on weekend nights or the occasional brunch buffet. Black Iris is ready to cater for different sizes of crowds.
I would like to thank the team of the Crown Plaza very much for inviting me to this event.

Shisha: Yes
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Terrace open in Summer
Location: At the top of Crown Plaza Hotel, 6th circle

For more info see their
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K. Faysal Ben Abdul Aziz St.، Amman, Jordan

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