Fork & Cork at V Lounge – Crown Plaza

Fork & Cork is a reoccurring event once a month at the V Lounge & Restaurant at the Crown Plaza Amman. There is an open buffet and wine from a certain country for a set price. Last month it was Italian Wine together with an excellent food menu. The Lounge is quite spacious and it is comfortable. I was just a bit surprised about the average age of customers that were all older than us but that was totally fine. Actually, it was nice to see some people hitting the dance floor to a duo playing music that night.

The buffet had a lot to offer from excellent salads to cold appetizers, seafood, a pasta station, grilled and steamed vegetables and an excellent brisket and meat cut just for you. The food was very delicious, had a huge variety and went of course well with the wine, or vice versa, I should say. There was a nice dessert as well. Some tiramisu creme brulee kind of cream as well as some ice cream balls covered in chocolate, very yummy.

It was nice to have some music and seeing people enjoying their time. The buffet was great, diverse and sufficient. Wine tasted excellent. I only didn’t like the fact that it is allowed to smoke. Anyway, their next even is tomorrow evening featuring wine from South Africa. Make sure to check their events page regularly. A big thanks to the management of V Lounge and Crown Plaza for inviting us to this great experience.

Shisha: No
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Location: V Lounge inside the Crown Plaza, 6th circle

For more info see their
Facebook Page

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