Cinco de Mayo – InterContinental Amman

Recently I paid a visit to SOBA, a new Japanese restaurant in the InterContinental Hotel Amman. Since this was a very nice experience, I decided to pay Cinco de Mayo a visit, taking advantage of the fact that they are open during Ramadan from 12 to 12 every day. It has been a while since I have been there to be honest. Entering the restaurant, the first thing you will notice is the huge bar. So even if you are not visiting for a lunch or dinner, you can hangout at the bar and have a drink. They all sorts of international beers, spirits and liquors and have Petra Beer on Draft. As we were fairly early during Ramadan, it was a bit empty but later we discovered that we are not alone having lunch. The interior has some Mexican touch but it is not too extreme.

For food we had Brisket Salad, a Surf & Turf platter as starters followed by Mixed Fajita and Camarones Acapulco. After being seated you will receive some nachos and dips consisting of Avocado Cream, Tomato Sauce and Sour Cream. The brisket salad was a mix of green salad with chili beans, avocado, cocktail tomatoes topped with pulled brisket beef and cheese, of course. The Surf and Turf had a combination of Beef, Chicken and Shrimps which somehow was a repetition of what we would be getting later somehow. Maybe we were a bit overwhelmed by the quite extensive menu and we should have chosen one dish less and some advice would have been great. However, all was tasty, hot and satisfying. Just the tomato flavored rice wasn’t my thing. But the chicken skewers, the shrimps and the chili con carne was good. As main dish I had the Camarones Acapulco, grilled jumbo shrimps. These were yummy and were flavored with a spicy garlic lemon sauce and were accompanied with mushrooms. Exactly, what I like. The mixed fajita came with strips of beef, chicken and shrimps as well as bell peppers and was marinated mainly with pepper for spiciness.

While service was very friendly and there are high chairs available, it is maybe not the most suitable restaurant for a family with very young kids or toddlers, since people smoke and most of the food is spicy, due to its nature. That being said, you can of course enjoy sitting outside on the huge terrace on the warmer days after Ramadan and also ask for less spicy food to be prepared but, hey it’s Mexican. Cinco de Mayo is a nice spot for couples, group of friends or just for drinks. If you are hungry now, put on your Sombrero and make your way to Cinco de Mayo at InterContinental Amman. Open during Ramadan from 12 to 12.

I would like to thank the team at InterContinental once again for the generous gesture of offering us an excellent lunch and providing top notch service.

Shisha: No
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor Terrace
Location: between 3rd and 2nd circle, on the right side when coming from 3rd circle.

For more info see their
Facebook Page

Finally, you can find and follow Cinco de Mayo on aroundtown
If you don’t have the app, yet, see my article on aroundtown here.

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