The Manhattan Fish Market – Amman

The Manhattan Fish Market is a Seafood Franchise that can be found in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Recently the Amman branch was officially opened and I got the chance to try their food already before that. The restaurant is located on Medina Street near Kilo Circle and has a modern interior with seating on two floors. When you enter, you immediately see the vitrine filled with fresh fish.

What we tried

We started with a Cesar salad with shrimps and mussels in garlic sauce, which were really nice. I am a real fan of mussels and they were pretty good, should have been warmer though. The salad was crispy and had a tasty dressing. The highlight was the how the fish platter was prepared next to our table. The large jumbo shrimps were covered with cheese which was flamed and then melted over the shrimps, really cool. I like, that once in a while there is some entertaining way to present food. The shrimps and calamari were yummy as well as the mussels. The battered fish bites were rather average, I think.

However, the murray curry with green beans and eggplant was nice. And also the red fish in curry sauce was great. And all these are just a small snapshot of what MFM offers. They are many different platters to choose from, grilled, flamed, baked or pouched fish with different sides and so on. You can also create your own fish’n’chips choosing your favorite fish and style of cooking/battering and the sides. Last but not least they offer a nice icy chocolate cake as dessert. If you intend to take your family, no worries, they have a kids menu and you can chill in the nice lounge seats upstairs.

Preparation of the fish platter

Conclusion about the Manhattan Fish Market Amman

All in all, we had a great experience at Manhattan Fish Market Amman. Next time I definitely want to try out the fish’n’chips according to my favorite style or some grilled salmon. Well, there is plenty more fish in the sea. I would like to express my thanks to the MFM Jordan Team for providing us with the nice food and great experience.

Shisha: No
Alcohol: No
Smoking: No
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Location: Medina Street near Kilo Circle
Delivery: Available through Talabat.

For more info see their
Facebook Page

Al-Madina Al-Monawara St, Amman, Jordan

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