Don Corleone’s – Sicilian Food with a Twist

Don Corleone’s is a Bar and Restaurant in Shmesani, serving Italian food and bringing you music events featuring different DJs and bands. The place is styled in the Godfather theme with dark interior, elegant chairs and pictures featuring scenes and characters from the movie. It just recently opened and therefore is very clean and nice. […]

Lucca Steak House

If you are looking for delicious Steaks and quality meat in a nice atmosphere, while being served by friendly staff, then Lucca Steak House is your choice. I went there recently again, and everything was great. They have a huge but cozy winter garden/terrace with a real-size fake cow in the middle. The tables are …

District Rooftop

Fiiiinaaaallyyy – It’s warm. Rooftop Season has officially arrived. More and more places open their terraces and outdoor spaces. So we decided to check out District Urban Rooftop near 2nd Circle. Surely, it is not a secret place and has been mentioned on many lists of the best rooftops in Amman, for a good reason. …

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